ashoke chhabra







Artist's Statement

For me the creative process is non-linear. It is marked by a series of failures, happy accidents, and modest victories. Occasionally the endless plodding is punctuated by the spark of an idea, one that’s by its very nature alters the course of all future efforts. The work with which I am presently engaged is the result of one such shift, the likes of which has embolden me with a fresh enthusiasm to the point of reinvention. I refer to this new line of work as the “Chaos Series,” so named for the disjointed impression one gets upon initially viewing. There is however order at play, a pattern that rights itself before repeating again and again. Perhaps it is the blend of both the dissonant and the harmonious that lends such work its greatest visual interest. The lighting object presented for consideration is a prime examples of my new design philosophy. It is fashioned from a building block of the same design. Only the scale is allowed to vary. These are stacked up, twisted, and reversed in many cases, all depending on the form I’m after. The one begets the creation of the next. The concept is deceptively simple and goes to show what can be achieved when a simple motif is exploited with artist intent.

Maker Or Designer?

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