Scott McGlason


St. Paul





Artist's Statement

The RB Rocking Chair is a continuation of a seating series that I started 15 years ago with a lounge chair. It was influenced by the rope bead pads with which cab drivers used to cover their vinyl car seats back in the 70s. Also, I needed to do something with the accumulation in my studio of small, cut-off pieces of interesting wood - too small to use in proper pieces of furniture but too cool to toss in the firewood box. And last, I needed a chair for my recently remodeled living room; most of my best designs start from a need I have around the house. Sharing the lounge chair's lines and details, the series has expanded to include an ottoman, a chaise lounge, two and three seat benches, and the Rocking Chair in 2020. Most of the seating pieces have been made in walnut, but this particular chair was made for personal use in 2021 with some lovely self-harvested cherry lumber from Wisconsin.

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