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Lecheng Wei







Artist's Statement

The hide and seek chair is designed to enjoy and relax with your pets, dynamical and statical. A chair is no longer only provided a place to rest but also initiates activities. The substantially curved backrest and sitting area allow various seating gestures and cuddling by the owners and pets, providing comfortable and sufficient spaces for statical activities. On the other hand, the design utilizes connections from each component and part to create varied spaces in sizes. Those diverse scales of gaps and holes are designed to trigger the exploring instincts of animals to enhance the dynamic interaction. The chair elements are constructed with contrasting shapes, oval, square, and triangle, to bring playfulness to the visual aspects. Moreover, to show the beauty of wooden joineries and structure, the way pieces meet together looks straightforward but not simple. The upper part, the oval back, connects the back part with two hidden triangles with a combination of the Dado and Biscuit joint. The supporting triangle structure connects the back with the Biscuit Joint. It uses the combination of Cross halving and Biscuit joint to connect three pieces, the front leg, front panel, and one side of the triangle, into the proper position. The bottom part uses dowels and a Dado joint to keep the board at the right height and length. The oval/ circle pattern, exposed dowels, was followed and designed for the back of the chair. The chair's material is red alder as the main construction, plywood with red alder veneer as curved surfaces, and cherry dowel showing the joineries pattern. The finished color of red alder and cherry are similar, but the cherry would get darker through days past. And that could reinforce the circle pattern at the back side of the chair.

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