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Mark Moore







Artist's Statement

The Tension Console Table is an architecturally sophisticated table designed to transform one’s perspective on how sustainable, rustic barn wood can be presented in design. The inspiration for the piece draws upon industrial engineering and the architectural aesthetics of modern bridges and commercial timber-framed buildings. Wood and metal balance each other in this asymmetrical cantilever design. The wood is milled into a steep, acute mitered angle joined together with a combination of hidden mortise and tenons and exposed mock splines. Splayed tensioned steel rods aid in supporting the cantilevered top. I utilized locally sourced reclaimed barn wood that I salvaged from a collapsed barn that was built around 1865. The old-growth pine wood, which likely started growing in the early 1600s, showcases its age with tightly wrapped annual rings and the many nail holes and worm holes reveal the wood’s past. I’ve finished the wood with a clear waterborne lacquer finish in matte sheen to preserve the natural coloring of the old wood. The contrasting steel has a traditional blackened and hot waxed finish. The balance and contrast that this piece conveys also stems from the combination of processes used in its craftsmanship: traditional and modern wood working joinery techniques, metal fabrication, and use of industrial hardware. I specially designed the custom-made collet that compresses the steel rods to put opposing tension on the top. The intended client for this piece is someone who values sustainability and believes having a unique item doesn’t require further impacting the planet through the harvesting of exotic woods. An individual that loves architecture and sophisticated design, and is intrigued by elements of industrial engineering, will be particularly drawn to this piece.

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